Pure Barre On Demand

I have been doing Pure Barre On Demand since July 2017; I usually do the workout every other day.  I got a great deal–the Founder’s rate of $14.99/month.  It costs about $16 with tax, and I can cancel anytime.

I have been enjoying the Pure Barre workouts, and I have my computer monitor, yoga mat, weights, band and ball all set up in my office so that I can quickly fit a workout in.  I have found that I do not miss having a barre for support.  I just use a chair or the wall for support.  The other days, I have added strength training to my routine, using an app called Stronglifts,  which I highly recommend.  (I can squat 115 pounds, which is pretty good for me, considering I’m a petite Asian lady who has never exercised before).

Pros of Pure Barre On Demand:

  • Convenience (I can do the workout anywhere, using my phone)
  • Variety of videos

Cons of Pure Barre On Demand: 

  • Not as many new full length 60 minute videos (all of the new videos added are 45 min or less.)
  • Not as challenging (I think that in the studio, with the instructor correcting your form and everyone following along, it’s harder to slack off.

I have to really push myself to give it my all while I’m following along the videos.  I usually use my Apple watch to check my heart rate and calories burned to make sure I’m making the most of the workout.

That relates to my final thought about Pure Barre exercises in general.  They are great for toning and working on the waist and other trouble areas, but they do not help that much with weight loss.  I have had to add strength training and some cardio cycling to burn off the fat.  It is easy to get complacent with the workouts and reach a plateau, where I wasn’t losing any weight.  As with any exercise, the body gets used to things, and we have to mix it up.

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