Review of Pure Barre On Demand that I’ve been doing workouts since July 2017.  I was lucky enough to be first to jump on the “Founders” rate for cost of $14.99/month.  Here’s my review:

Part 3 on Pure Barre: Pure Barre On Demand

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I have been doing Pure Barre since March 1, 2017, and I went to the classes at the studio for 60 days in a row.  I had a two month membership.  While I enjoyed the classes and my body did change in a short time as I explained in the two blog entries above, it was inconvenient to go to the studio for me.  I have a busy schedule that is sometimes unpredictable, so it was a challenge to reserve space in the classes days ahead of time.  Also, I have a bad habit of being late, and I often got stinkeye for slinking into class right when it started.

So on July 4th, I was rejoicing when I got an email from Pure Barre that said that workout videos are available on demand for a monthly subscription.  There are no Pure Barre workouts on YouTube.  They have really cracked down on copying its videos that they used to sell on their website.  The “Founders” rate that I got was $14.99 a month (which was a promotion that expired on July 5th), so I felt that it was reasonable.  With tax, it comes to about $16 a month.  I am motivated to follow the videos, and I knew that once I learned all the moves, maybe I could stop the subscription as well.

The videos can be accessed through any device that connects to the Internet–computer, phone, tablets, Apple TV, and so forth.  There are over 50 videos available right now, and they are categorized into 50-60 minute workouts, 30-40 minute workouts, and down to 10 minute workouts.  The videos are ad-free and do not stop for buffering in general.  Pure Barre also stated that new videos would be added each week.  That is good for me, because I rarely work out to the same video twice.

I prefer the instructors who are very fast paced because I feel that they cram the hour with as much movement as possible, so it’s making better use of my time.  Once I find a snappy instructor, I try to watch all the videos featuring that person.

There are several kinds of videos… there are “legacy” videos that are the DVD’s that Pure Barre used to sell through their website/studios.  Those are very good quality with lighting, and you can tell that the instructors have choreographed and practiced the moves.  They have thought through every detail–including their hair, makeup, and coordinating outfits.

There are some “direct from the studio” videos that are shot in various Pure Barre studios around the country.  It looks like the video was taken during a real class.  The quality of these videos are poor, often shot from just one or two angles.  The lighting is dim, and the music is not as good quality.  It is rather amateurish in the videography, as there are not many close ups, and I have to really look to see what moves that the instructor is leading.

But aside from that, I am quite happy with my subscription.  I like the variety and I can pick the workout that fits the time that I have.   I can do it at home, in hotels, pretty much anywhere I travel.  It’s really up to me to push myself and be intense during the whole workout.  I try to exercise every day–whether it’s Pure Barre or strength training.  I will let you know how the weight loss and strength progresses in a month or two!

Update:  August 1, 2017.  Pure Barre now offers a new type of class with higher intensity and a cardio element, called Pure Empower.  It involves using the platform like a Pure Barre platform class, and weights on arms/ankles.  It seems that not all studios offer that class and are rolling it out on a limited basis.  I am hoping that the videos of Pure Empower will show up in the Pure Barre On Demand soon.

Also, I have noticed that the 50-60 minute workouts are mostly the DVD’s that Pure Barre used to sell on their website.  I tend to do the full 60 minute workouts, just like in the classes, so I am hoping that they add some new full length videos soon.  I did email Pure Barre and requested more 60 minute videos, and we’ll see if Pure Barre responds.

Update:  October 20, 2017.  I have noticed that around 2-3 new workouts are added each month.  Carrie Dorr, the founder, has added a Prenatal workout for pregnant women!  That would have been very helpful when I was expecting, but it looks like Pure Barre is now adding full workouts for prenatal and postnatal women.  When I was pregnant, I was going to the studio for my Pure Barre workouts, and the teachers gave me a few tips like don’t like flat on your back or your stomach, but it was up to me to figure out  the other possible modifications for myself when I was pregnant.  So these workouts for pregnant and recovering women is a good idea.

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