I have committed to doing a Pure Barre class daily since March 1, and I can’t believe I’ve stuck to it.  I’m really curious if it will change my body and help me to lose weight.

Today is April 4, so it’s been 35 days. 5 more days to go!  Here’s the First post talking about Days 1-28.

Days 29-30

The weight was dropping, but now my body is getting used to the exercises and the weight is starting to creep back.  Recently, I also ate a little more carbs than usual due to a birthday party and other gatherings.  My goal is to gain muscle and get some definition which I’ve never been able to achieve before. I’m realizing that diet is the key–for me it’s not necessarily calorie restriction but carb restriction.  I basically eat clean, Paleo as much as possible, and low carb.  Meat, vegetables, and some beans  (and guilty bites of dark chocolate :)).

Days 31-35

My form is better and following along with the exercises is much easier. I am using the heavier 3 pound weights during the fast arm workout segment without much problem.  Before the Pure Barre challenge, I was having hypothyroid symptoms and my hair was falling out–100 or more hairs a day.  I noticed this week that my hair loss has stopped!  Now it’s more like 20-30 hairs a day which is normal for me.   I have struggled with insulin resistance and hormone imbalances in my past, and I see a big difference when I exercise regularly.  This is a really good article on insulin resistance and prediabetes  (https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/diabetes/overview/what-is-diabetes/prediabetes-insulin-resistance).  My hormonal cycles become regular and thyroid levels normalize when I exercise and burn off the sugar in my system.  The class really boosts my mood as well.  I feel like jello right after the class, but accomplished and happier.

Days 36-40  The Home Stretch!

To be frank, I have been tired and sore the whole time during this 40 days of Pure Barre challenge.   I have never exercised this much daily.  I can’t wait to take a day off, but I know that if I do, it will be very difficult to get started again.  My husband has been kind enough to watch the kids while I take a nap with our toddler on the weekends.  That has really helped with the soreness and fatigue.

I am thankful that the Pure Barre class has so many fast transitions between exercises so that I really have to concentrate.  The hour flies by before you know it, and the hour is very efficiently designed so that stretching the targeted body parts is incorporated between each arm/thighs/seat segments so that you don’t leave all the stretching until the end.

Final Results After 40 Days of Pure Barre:

Definite fat loss on my back, hips and legs.  My belly fat is very stubborn though, and it didn’t budge.  But my hips and seat are smaller and toned.  So when I pull on my skinny jeans, they glide over the legs and hips, but there is still a belly bulge when I button the waist.

Here are the metrics that do not lie:

Before After
Weight 139 pds 137 pds
Chest circumference 36 in 35 in
Waist circumference 33 in 32.5 in
Hip circumference 36.5 in 36 in
Mid Thigh circumference 20.5 in 19.5 in
Calves 13.5 in 13.5 in
Neck 14 in 14 in
Arms 13 in 13 in

Here are the before and after photos!

Before and after:  My waistline, legs and arms are slimmer!  Double chin is reduced.

Before and after:  Jawline, belly slimmer and posture better.  Shoulders are less rounded forward.

Before and after:  Biggest difference is in my back.  Lots of back fat gone, and the lumps on the sides of my body are smoothed out.  My seat has gotten smaller.

I think that if I had restricted my calories more, there would be a bigger difference. I wish my arms had gotten smaller, but I think that I definitely gained muscle mass and lost fat in my arms.

The results are not as dramatic as I wanted, which makes me think that I need to do extra cardio to burn off the fat overlaying the muscle.  But that’s going to be a little exhausting for me at this point.  I will stick to the Pure Barre for a little longer and see how much further I can go.  Gaining muscle and definition for me will take many more months.  I think other people will see faster results, but I tend to plateau quickly until I increase the intensity.  I’ll report back in a few months!  🙂