In the quest to get my three sons off of TV, computers, X box, Wii, and other video games, we have started playing a few family board games together.   This game was featured on Ryan’s Toy Review, which my three year old son watches on Youtube constantly.  He saw Ryan and his dad playing this game and my son wanted it for his birthday.  We got it from Amazon and got some cans of whipped cream.  My 12 year-old and 8 year-old were excited about it too.  On my youngest son’s birthday, we opened it up and sat around the dining table.  My husband put a huge swirl of whipped cream on the hand part of the game.  My oldest went first, and turned the handle–click, click, click, SPLAT!  The lever that moves the hand up went off on the third twist of the handle.

We all laughed so hard, and my son was licking it off his face.  When it was my turn, I stuck my face on the chin rest, and I was surprised at how nervous I got from the anticipation of knowing that something cold, wet, and messy will hit my face at a time that I can’t predict.  I was squeezing my eyes shut–click, click, SPLAT!  It felt so cold and silly.  We all had such a good time laughing and the whipped cream got in our hair, on the game, on the table.  My husband snuck away because he didn’t want to get hit on the face by whipped cream.  🙂

We also recently played BeanBoozled, and that was great fun with the boys.  Some of the jelly bean flavors were really disgusting.  Our least favorite was the sour milk.  That taste remained in your mouth for a while.


Any other games people would recommend?  We’ve also played Monopoly Deal and Settlers of Cataan.